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Gloriously fun summer wedding at Botleys Mansion..

So catching up on our 2019 weddings, we return to those balmy hot days of August for the marriage of Sam and Rebecca at Botleys Mansion, a stunning Grade ll listed Palladian Mansion situated in Chertsey.

We'd seen our fun-loving couple back in April for their engagement photoshoot in the beautifully picturesque Franks Wood, a favourite of ours during the bluebell season.

As with all our engagement or pre-wedding shoots, it's a great way of working with your couple before their big day, so they get to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Having said that, Sam and Rebecca were comfortable and relaxed from the very could just see that they were as one with each other... and Rebecca has a great natural energy and a fun approach to life. They both enjoyed the session and the weather was lovely for the time of the year.




Then onto the big wedding day itself, the last day of August and a beautiful hot summer day, just perfect conditions once again.

Needless to say, it was one to remember; There were plenty of tears shed by family and friends before, during and after the marriage ceremony...there was also a lot of fun had throughout the day, from their parents dancing down the aisle stairs at the start of the ceremony to Sam and Rebecca just laughing and enjoying themselves at every opportunity. Everyone at the wedding seemed to be having a wonderful time, yes it was a memorable one.

As with all the venues in the Bijou group, the staff were very professional, friendly and helpful and the day at Botleys ran as smoothly as the wine.

Congratulations to a great couple who we know will enjoy their new married life together.





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Beautiful summer wedding photography at Pembroke Lodge 

In our last blog, we promised that this year 'we would be super diligent' with our blogging and so here we are with our first 2020 blog, returning to warmer and sunnier times in August for the marriage of Nick and Lauren.

We'd seen our lovely couple back in May for their engagement photoshoot when we took a trip across Richmond Park to the lovely Isabella Plantation, one of our favourite woodland parks. We return here throughout the seasons as there's always something new to see, though in May it is pretty spectacular with its wonderful Rhododendron and Azaleas displays when the view all around is just full with vibrant colours.

As with all our engagement/pre-wedding shoots, it's a great way of working with your couple before their big day, so they get to feel more comfortable and relaxed.




On the big day itself, the weather was beautiful and the photography started at The Petersham Hotel, where both Nick and Lauren got ready, though in separate rooms of course. 

Then it was a short trip through The Park to The Belvedere for a sweet wedding ceremony full of emotion and fun...followed shortly after by the traditional confetti throwing and celebratory drinks out on the terrace...which really is quite a treat for guests with those stunning views over Richmond Park and beyond. 

At this time of the year, light is on our side, so we were able to take our excited newlyweds out for a long romantic walk after the lovely dinner and the entertaining speeches ( the food at Pembroke Lodge is always something to savour ).

The flowers in August are also something special to behold and they really bring home that feeling that you are walking in an English country garden.

As with all weddings though, time seems to speed up and before you know it, we are back in The Belvedere following Nick and Lauren onto the dance floor for their first dance.

All in all, a wonderful day and for a really lovely couple and we wish Nick and Lauren all the very best for the future.

Once again our thanks go to the ever-friendly and helpful staff at Pembroke Lodge for making everything run so smoothly.  







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St. George College Chapel Weybridge wedding

For our latest wedding blog, (well, in fact, to be honest, only our third blog of the year, but hey we have been super wedding busy and in the New Year we will be super diligent, and that's a promise!) we return to warmer and sunnier times in May for the marriage of Matt and Vicky.

We'd seen our lovely couple only a month previously in April when we had a trip to the beautiful Virginia Water for their engagement shoot and from our time there we knew their wedding day would be light-hearted and packed with fun and laughter.... as well as the obvious romance...



The weather on the day itself was beautiful (though rather too sunny for our liking) and their marriage ceremony was at the impressive St. George College Chapel Weybridge, a venue open to them as Vicky, at that time, taught politics at the college.

After a relaxed and at times very funny wedding ceremony (as well as Vicky’s sister falling flat on her face as she went onto the stage area to do her reading, Matt and Vicky were often seen in fits of laughter) we had some confetti throwing fun in the bright and glaring sun.

Then we went off looking for some shade for the group wedding pictures before leaving for the wedding reception at Merris Wood Golf Club, but only after a bit of justifiable posing around their wedding transportation...

With Matt being a fireman, well they had to travel in style in a fabulous gleaming red fire engine...and yes the driver, a good mate of Matt’s did the expected as we left St. George College Chapel...

Whoop, whoop, whoop, weeeooo....eeee eeeoooeeeooo....


And on our journey to the delight of passers-by........ Whoop, whoop, whoop, weeeooo....eeee eeeoooeeeooo...


And then as we arrived at the venue to the delight of the wedding guests...Whoop, whoop, whoop, weeeooo...eeee eeeoooeeeooo.



I’m sure that when Matt is working, that sound spells a potentially serious situation, but in this instance, with him and Vicky on board, it just made me grin from ear to ear...

Hey I’m sitting in a fire engine on a wedding day!

At Merris Wood we had a great trip around the beautiful grounds in some golf buggies for some relaxed, romantic shots around a large pond far away from the madding crowd.

Then back to the fray....and needless to say, the afternoon and evening celebrations were a hoot.

Guests relaxed out in the sun, Matt and the boys including his firemen colleagues along with Vicky and the girls and her teaching colleagues had a lot of fun playing and posing and just simply enjoying themselves.

A fabulous couple, celebrating a wonderful event on a smashing day.

Matt and Vicky, we salute your positive attitude and love of life and we wish you a wonderful future together.



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Bride Magazine wedding of the week

So it has been a number of months since our last blog and we have a massive backlog, so here's a quick one to start our catch up:

We are proud to say that one of our wedding couples, the lovely Barry and Dilyana, pictured below in the colourful garden area at Gatton Manor was Bride Magazine's Wedding of the Week


Time to get on with our Blog catch up.




Christ Church South Nutfield Christmas wedding 

For our latest wedding blog, we return to 2018, just after Christmas on 29th December for the marriage of Mark and Harriet, a lovely couple who had seen us at a previous wedding, that of Will and Alice back in December 2016 at Addington Palace.

Having had a fun pre-wedding photo shoot in Richmond Park a few weeks earlier, fingers were crossed that the weather for this winter wedding would hold up especially as the reception was in Harriet’s parent’s garden.



And sure enough on the big day itself, the weather was fine.

At the house, Harriet was relaxing with her Bridesmaids whilst the caterers were busy in the garden setting up in the large reception Tipi, whilst Mark was checking that everything was running smoothly with the wedding ceremony arrangements at the nearby Christ Church South Nutfield, a venue we had last worked at back in 2016.

After a glass of celebratory champagne with her Bridesmaids, Harriet left to change and in no time at all was ready and looking ever the beautiful bride in her lovely figure hugging open back sheath wedding dress.

After the wedding ceremony, we captured the fun of their very long and twisting line of confetti throwers and then zoomed off behind them off to their special place for a romantic walk and some personal pictures.

Then back to the reception party in the garden where all the guests were in fine form...the drinks were flowing ...the canapés were being served and the fire pits were adding a nice level of warmth to the occasion.

Before entering the Tipi for the wedding breakfast, there was the Bride and Groom’s sparkler exit which considering the number of people involved was a spectacular success.

Inside, the set up was impressive and very atmospheric ...guests could also eat marshmallows over a fire pit or have fun in the ski drinking booth, where you drank from a ski as it was raised...a great idea borrowed from Will and Alice’s wedding involving lots of fun and spillages.

The highlight of the evening was most definitely the speeches which were very funny and entertaining especially when it ended with everyone joining in the singing of the 12 days of Christmas, each table was allocated a particular verse whilst Mark had to sing ‘ A Partridge in a Pear tree’ some 12 times.

With a lovely vegetarian curry dinner served by The Herb Kitchen and some great get up and dance music from the band Mister Kanish, this winter wedding was a great day of celebration...a tough act following so closely after Christmas.

We wish Mark and Harriet all the very best for the future along with Will and Alice who had twins a few weeks earlier.






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