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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2016 Christmas Card 

Here's this year's nativity themed Christmas Card which we hope you enjoy... 


Lots of great weddings in 2016

It's been a busy and a tumultuous year so we haven't had time to keep up our blog.

There have been many truly memorable moments: 

- A Bride and Groom climbing a tree in Richmond Park

- A spectacular 'Strictly' style first dance (the couple were ex dance students)

- A couple wearing pheasant feather button holes and dream catchers & sporting a shot gun

- A Groom and his groomsmen wearing Lego accessories 

- All the wedding guests spontaneously singing  'Love is all around' during the wedding ceremony


Finally on Monday 19th December we had our final wedding for the year...

and one that will be difficult to forget... 

Zombie horde invades wedding

What with the Police being called to sort out a serious situation...

Involving a swarming horde of Zombies headed by our now gruesome looking Bride and Groom...and requiring the wedding guests to be escorted to a Quarantine Zone...and many more gruesome things.

Tony and Bev, you look fabulous, before and after, have a wonderful Christmas honeymoon.


Wedding couple (Before)

Happy loving newlyweds hugging and heads together during a romantic walk after their marriage at ancient and historic Surrey wedding venue Bush Hotel Farnham

Zombie wedding couple (After)

Blood splattered Zombie Bride and Groom join The Walking Dead for a zombie invasion captured by Surrey Lane wedding photographers at Farnham Rugby Club



We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Zombie New Year 

Richard and Tina